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Onay Buyuk Konaklar

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Onay Buyuk Konaklar Overview and Details

Büyük Konaklar says hello to life in a very prestigious location within walking distance of Istanbul Büyükçekmece Lake.

Comfort and splendor come together for you to share the most precious moments with your family and friends. Spacious kitchens that will serve carefully prepared tables will turn your life into pleasure. The mansion rooms, which will offer peace to every member of your family with their rooms designed for extended family life, will add value to your time.

In structural system design and design calculations, in addition to the Turkish specifications (TS498, TS500) in force in our country and the Turkish Earthquake Code, Uniform Building Code, International Building Code, ACI 318-11 (American Concrete Institute) Regulations, which are used internationally and are valid, The specifications were also taken into account.

Soil surveys based on drilling were carried out in the area of approximately 47,740 m2 where the mansions are located. In order for all the mansions to make the most of the lake view, retaining curtains were created on the sloping land.

Bored piles were applied under the foundations of the retaining walls and a foundation of 2.5 to 3 meters wide and 50 cm high was built on it.

The structural carrier system is reinforced concrete carcass, floors are hollow blocks, and the foundation system is raft foundation. Concrete quality is C 30, concrete strength is 300 kg/cm², concrete steel class is 420 C. In order to determine the ground-structure interaction, the structure and the ground were modeled in three dimensions at the academic level, and the obtained data were used in the design phase. Interior walls are made of perforated brick, gypsum plaster or plasterboard to be determined according to the architectural project, etc. will be made of material. All materials to be used will be in “TSE” norms.

Villa foundations and garden floors will be insulated from water by bundling method in accordance with their projects. Roofs will be made in accordance with heat and water insulation projects. All wet areas will be waterproofed. Rockwool suitable for the exterior project will be made as a thermal insulated and decorative façade.

Potable water will be supplied from the city main distribution network. For the water coming from the network, a tank, hydrophore and water filtration (coarse filter + chlorination) system will be available. The usage water consumption of each independent section will be subscribed separately by means of cold water meters to be placed in the installation shafts created for each villa.

Fire hydrants will be installed in all common areas in accordance with the Turkish Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire. A temperature rise detector will be placed in the kitchens, and an optical smoke detector will be placed in the entrance. Fire alarm system, fire cabinets, fire brigade water intakes will be built in closed parking lots. The fire alarm system is an “intelligent/interactive/digital” address system, and in case of fire alarm, it will be possible to understand from which villa and from which detector the alarm came. Thus, in case of danger, the villa determined by the management will be intervened. The heating system will be underfloor heating. The cooling system will be made with an independent mini VRF/VRV system for each mansion.

With the help of natural gas meters to be placed at the entrance of each villa, the amount used by the relevant villa will be invoiced with its own subscription. There will be a hood in the kitchen, a wet volume exhaust system in the bathroom and toilet.

Onay Buyuk Konaklar Project Video

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