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Marina 24

Starting from
$ 193,000

Marina 24 Overview and Details

Overview and Specifics

Imagine living right near the sea. Amazing view of coastline with all the social facilities providing everything you need. Living like in a 5-star hotel Marina24 has it all. The new project for a beautiful life and for a smart investment too. Coastal settlement in Istanbul. Marina 24 emerged from an idea of discovering the idea of ‘home’ to life. Public spaces home lifestyle integrated with living areas to make a comfortable space.

The project’s aim is to make residents feel they are living the best coastal and seaside lifestyle. Providing all the equipment and facilities Marina24 easily achieves this purpose. Modern design and architecture of the project creates an environment so peaceful and luxurious.

Marina 24 has spacious guest rooms, kitchens and rooms are also enlarged. Horizontal comfort is used to make the buildings better. The height of the ceiling to be at 3.50 meters.

There are 24 different apartments for all kinds of families. E-5 and TEM connections as well as public transportations are available, the New Airport, Health Services, The Shopping Centers, The Event Centers are also here to make you feel better.

Top 10 reasons to live in MIMAROBA

  • The amazing view of the Gulf and the Bosphorus
  • Priceless coastal life with 13 km coastline
  • The cultural environment
  • The sports and social facilities
  • Parks that bring green and blue together.
  • Activities for children to enjoy
  • Proximity to natural habitats
  • Amazing life of living the holiday in all seasons
  • Peaceful shore life at Istanbul

Marina 24 Project Video

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Marina 24 Prices

Property Type SQM Range Price Range
1+1 79 $ 193,000 - $ 200,000
2+1 86-162 $ 213,000 - $ 490,000
3+1 186 $ 335,000 - $ 350,000
4+1 203-260 $ 440,000 - $ 555,000
5+1 243 $ 772,000 - $ 844,000
3+1 DUPLEX 223-255 $ 444,000 - $ 820,000
4+1 DUPLEX 310-319 $ 515,000 - $ 610,000
5+1 DUPLEX 261 $ 620,000 - $ 640,000
MARINA 24 CONCEPT 4+1 221-235 $ 400,000 - $ 535,000

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Marina 24 Location

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