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Buy Office In Istanbul

Do you have business relations in Turkey and the surrounding countries? In that case, wouldn't it be best to buy an office at the centre point, in Istanbul, the pearl of Turkey? If you wish, you can get Turkish citizenship by buying both an office and a residence or just an office. In this way, you gain the right to travel to 121 countries without a visa and you can continue your business relations without wasting time with bureaucratic procedures.


Buy Office In Istanbul & Get Turkish Citizenship

Office sections separated from each other in a planned manner:

  • - Office and shop studio features
  • - Bright modern designed spaces
  • - Easy access to central places and airport in Istanbul
  • - Helicopter landing and take-off area

In addition, other facilities provided by the residential areas where these offices are located can also be utilized. For example, after a tiring working day, you can swim in the pool, do your workout in GYM or spend time in well-kept gardens.

After an intense business meeting with your customers, you can have something to eat and drink immediately. Successful business deals can be celebrated in these luxury places.

Your office environment, where you can invite your customers with peace of mind, will contribute to your success in your business. Conducting job interviews in a modern, luxurious atmosphere is a positive factor. In addition, it will be more motivating for your staff working with you to work in such a peaceful and safe environment.

Buy An Office in İstanbul And Have 24 Hours Safety

If you buy an office in Istanbul, you will know that your office is safe, even if you are not in the country, thanks to the security measures that provide 24-hour protection.

Considering today's heavy traffic, more and more business people prefer to catch emergency meetings by helicopter. Almost all properties of Royal White Property have a helicopter landing and take-off area. In addition, in any health emergency, a helicopter can be a lifesaver.

If you do not want to live in Turkey all the time, but just want to manage your business relations, buying an office is the ideal solution. Business people who spend long periods in the country prefer to buy both an office, an apartment or a house. So you can bring your family with you.

Royal White Property helps you with everything by buying a property in Turkey . In addition to legal and property searches, relocations; We are always ready to help you in your trading business (rent, sell property e.t.c). By installing the Royal White Property App, you can follow all the transactions instantly.


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