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Strada Bahçeşehir

Starting from
$ 173,000

Strada Bahçeşehir Overview and Details

Strada Bahçeşehir took its place among the housing projects in Istanbul. The project, which was built by Akzirve İnşaat, draws attention as it is suitable for bank loans. The project is waiting for its investors in Bahçeşehir. Bahçeşehir, one of the most preferred living centers in Istanbul, is home to Strada. The project bears the signature of Akzirve İnşaat, one of the leading names in the sector. At Strada, which opens the doors of a privileged life, everything will be as you imagined. Everything in the project, which aims to raise the living standard of the investor, is designed with the smallest detail in mind.

The project, which will reveal its difference from other housing projects with its unique location and modern architectural design, invites its investors to a comfortable life. With the project, which will be the apple of the eye of Bahçeşehir, your standard of living will rise.

Strada Bahçeşehir: The Address of Privileged Life

Get ready to live on the street with Strada Bahçeşehir residences. The project, which will reveal its difference among Istanbul housing projects, bears the signature of Akzirve İnşaat, one of the leading names in the sector. Akzirve İnşaat aims to raise the living standards of investors with the Starda housing project. A dream-like life opportunity awaits you in the project where everything is thought down to the smallest detail for a better quality and comfortable life. The project, which opens the doors of a privileged life, provides privileges to its investors with its suitability for bank loans. Thanks to the Strada residences, where quality social activities take place, your every day will be full of fun.

At the same time, thanks to the project, where attention is paid to earthquake and insulation, solid structures are waiting for you. Before the project was built, a ground survey was carried out. Strada residences, which were implemented in line with the suitability of the ground, complied with the earthquake and insulation regulations. In the project, where the building inspection is also carried out, solid and reliable structures are waiting for their investors. You will enjoy the comfort every day with Strada residences, which will meet with the investor in Bahçeşehir. With Strada, you will enjoy being in the center of life.

Life on the Street with Strada Bahçeşehir

Everything has been considered for the buyers in Bahçeşehir residences; Every precaution was taken in residences with water tanks, hydrophores, generators and elevators. There are also built-in whites in the Strada project. In Strada residences, you will be able to learn the heat you spend with the central cost meter, while heating without any problems thanks to the central heating.

You will always be in good spirits in the Bahçeşehir project. Strada residences also have en-suite bathrooms and balconies. Strada has made all kinds of preparations for the balconies where you can sit in front of the unique Bahçeşehir view and sip your drink with pleasure. When you come home from work, you will no longer be thinking, "Where am I going to tow my car?" With the opportunity to live on the street in Strada Bahçeşehir, you can park your cars in the indoor or outdoor parking lot and go home with peace of mind.

You will also be able to spare time for sports, which you have not been able to find time for years, at Strada homes. There is a fitness center and walking paths in the Strada project, which comes with the opportunity of living on the street as comfortable as at home.

Strada Bahçeşehir Project Video

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Strada Bahçeşehir Prices

Property Type SQM Range Price Range
1+1 67 $ 173,000 - $ 233,000
2+1 91-274 $ 274,000 - $ 391,000
3+1 155-170 $ 353,000 - $ 436,000
4+1 DUPLEX 247-254 $ 587,000 - $ 650,000
5+1 DUPLEX 252 - 283 $ 641,000 - $ 724,000
COMMERCIAL 85-945 $ 450,000 - $ 3,300,000

Strada Bahçeşehir Unit Plans


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Strada Bahçeşehir Location

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