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Fast Facts:
  • Ready Q4 2023
  • London/Marylebone

W1 Place

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W1 Place, an abode of its own, is situated in an unprecedented locale. It is an extraordinary prospect to procure a contemporary yet traditional blueprint in the nucleus of Marylebone.

This is a small-scale housing scheme comprising merely 37 flats. W1 Place confers the residents with the advantage of residing amidst the conventional and refined Marylebone and the lively and stunning Fitzrovia, while also being a brief walk away from the historic Mayfair. The residents will be spoilt for choice, thanks to the multitude of cafes, restaurants, and bistros.

W1 Place offers a fresh outlook on the notion of residing in Central London. The construction of the building is intricately designed and reflects the unique and authentic traits of the neighborhood. The apartments are magnanimous and commodious within this eminent location.

The area is not only famous but also holds a notable status, as renowned musician and songwriter, John Lennon, lived here, and The Beatles' song 'Yesterday' was created in this location. Most recently, Achie Mountbatten-Windsor, seventh in line to the British throne, was born in the Great Portland Hospital situated here.

The reputations of both Marylebone and Fitzrovia are well-merited. Marylebone is renowned for its village-like ambiance in W1, Central London, while Fitzrovia intertwines historical sites and contemporary allure.

Adjacent Landmarks:

Harley Street

Oxford Street


New Bond Street

Regents Park

Marylebone High Street

Drawing from the manifold architectural traditions in the locality, this finely-crafted building emanates a modern aspect from its congenial exterior to its well-thought-of interior. W1 Place amalgamates the old and new elements to provide a contemporary abode in an esteemed neighborhood.

Modern Sophistication:

Luxury is enshrined in the finer aspects and exquisite originality. With a luminous, natural limestone facade, bronze-framed lantern bay windows, and cast aluminum balustrades, the architect, Simon Bowden, creates depth and rhythm using illumination to animate the building. The architect showcases artistic flair by framing the windows with balustrades, which are exquisitely coated with a distinctive sheen inspired by Japanese porcelain.

W1 Place is an ideal domicile for working couples and modern families. The carefully crafted quality all through the building ensures a reassuring click every time you shut the door and the pleasing sound of your feet on the oak floor. The bay windows allow the natural light to stream in, creating a feeling of both spaciousness and warmth, while the open-plan living and kitchen area provides a contemporary home to welcome your friends or enjoy a relaxing night in. There is an array of one, two, and three-bedroom layouts that provide utmost luxury.

W1 Place Project Video

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