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The Leos Residence

Solt Out

The Leos Residence Overview and Details

With its location in the center of Istanbul, The Leos Residence aims to combine the comfort of home with the Residence concept, where luxury service is offered.

The interior architecture of The Leos Residence; Based on the idea of creating an interior environment emphasizing spacious and comfortable living spaces, by giving our guests the chance to choose their accommodation; It was designed in 3 different styles as Natural, Retro and Grunge.

Natural: Represents a bright and positive mood inspired by nature. The colors used in light and pastel tones were equipped with the idea of preferring the natural ones instead of the artificial ones made by human hands. The most natural tones of wood are combined with the natural softness of fabrics to create a calm and bright style that serves our inner peace.

Retro: This style, which was created with the idea of a close connection to the future with the wisdom brought by the past, is an entertaining, playful modernist interior setup that connects today's and future modernism by addressing the color and geometric patterns of the 60s and 70s.

Grunge: A distinctively striking emotional style. Contrast of parks and matte colors with dark colors; glass-mirror; leather velvet fabric; metal and dark colored natural marble combinations are soft-hard under an assertive and charismatic atmosphere; emphasizes the contrasts as warm-cold and bright shade. Despite the contrast in the textures of the materials, attention was paid to keep the design lines of the furniture and objects as simple as possible.

The Leos Residence Project Video

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The Leos Residence Prices

Property Type Bedroom Bath SQM Range Price Range
1+1 1 - 78-88 Solt Out
2+1 2 - 115-142 Solt Out

The Leos Residence Unit Plans


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The Leos Residence Location


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