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The Heart of Europe

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The heart of Europe is home to the Kleindienst group. The resort is actually a group of six islands, each representing the climate and architecture of a famous European city. The complex offers different types of accommodation: hotels, apartments and villas. 

The resort is a small man-made island located four kilometers off the coast of Dubai. Because of its diverse architecture, the heart of Europe is often referred to as the island of the world. Note that there have been no cases of Covid-19 in the travel area to date. Isolation and strict security regulations make Heart of Europe the safest place in the world.

Each island is a five-star hotel with open spaces and air conditioning all year round. Pioneering German air conditioning technology made this work possible. It allows you to simulate the tropical climate of southern Europe and the heat of Dubai. The air conditioning system maintains a temperature of 27 °C, a wind speed of 5 km/h and a humidity of 60%. Let's take a closer look at each island in the heart of Europe.

Germany Island

The island consists of Bauhaus buildings that spread out along the beach or lake. The interior features a combination of minimalist design and modern technology. A panoramic bay window and a prominent suspended staircase are used. The villas have two floors and a terrace.

The Floating Seahorses Villas

The accommodation is basically a collection of rooms spread out along the beach with a floating dock connecting the buildings. Each villa has three floors and has a floor area of ​​4000 m²

Portofino Suites

Portofino is the first 5-star Italian hotel in the area. The hotel continues the tradition of a good Italian building and has a beautiful landscape and has its own port where the rooms offer views of the sea and the Dubai skyline.

Côte d`Azur Resort Suites

Cote d'Azur Suites is Dubai's gateway to the French Riviera. The hotel has four hotels named after the famous port cities of the Côte d'Azur: Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez. Each hotel has 250 rooms overlooking the ocean and the blue lagoon.

Floating Lido Suites

Lido is the first five-star complex in the world. The buildings are located on the Gulf coast and reflect the architectural characteristics of Venice.

Sweden Island

The island’s architectural style represents the traditions of vikings. The project comprises 10 luxury 6-storeyed mansions, each of which has direct access to the private beach. There is an exotic garden inside each building, a snow room and panoramic glass roof.

Each mansion is a Maldivian castle surrounded by a white sandy beach. The residents can enjoy regular private parties and activities held exclusively for them.


Monaco( completion date:Q1,2023)

Niece(completion date: Q2, 2023)

Cannes(completion date:Q3,2023)

St. P(completion date:Q4,2023)

Studio: 1.6Mn-2 Mn,

size: 488sq.ft - 800 sq.ft

1BR: 6Mn - 7 Mn 

size:1,800sq.ft - 1,880sq.ft

Payment plan: 

Down payment: 30%

After 4 months: 20%

After 8 months: 20%

Dec 2023: 30%


✅Offers Net 7.5% ROI per year 

✅13 years for 100% Guaranteed RETURN and free hold

✅Offers 14days free annual vacation

✅For investors no service charge and any other fees 

Floating Seahorses:

Room type:2 BHK, 

Price: 21 Mn

Size: 4004sq.ft

Completion date: Q1.2024

Payment plan: 

Down payment: 30%

After 5 months: 20%

After 10 months: 20%

Q1.2024: 30%


✅Offers Guaranteed Net 8.33% ROI per Annum

✅12 years for 100% Guaranteed NET ROI and free hold

✅Offers free 14days annual vacation

✅100 years of guaranteed quality 

✅No 4% DLD have to need pay 

✅For investors no service charge and any other fees 

Germany Villa:

Room Type :4 BR

Price: 15.5 Mn(1 unit available ), 

size: 4000sq.ft

Room Type:5 BR

Price:30Mn( 1 unit available),


Completion date: Q4.2023

Payment plan: 50%:50%

Service charge: 18AED/ sq.ft to 23AED/sq.ft

Sweden Bentley Palace :

Completion date: Q4.2023

Room Type:7BHK

Price:100Mn(2 units available)

size: 22000sq.ft to 25000sq.ft

Payment plan: 50%:50%

Service charge: 18AED/sq.ft to 23AED/sq.ft

The Heart of Europe Location

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