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  • Istanbul/Taksim

Taksim 360 Residence

Starting from$590,000

Taksim 360 housing project invites you to a rich life with housing and office options in Taksim, the most attractive center of Istanbul. It is being implemented in Taksim as Turkey's largest renovation project. In addition to office and residential options, it invites you to a glamorous life in the center of the city with its stores and art galleries.

Europe's Best Urban Renewal Project: Taksim 360

Taksim 360, which takes its place among the real estate housing projects in Istanbul, is being implemented by preserving the historical heritage and cultural value of Beyoğlu. It is rising to a unique project that both domestic and foreign investors can evaluate in Taksim, the attraction center of Istanbul. Taksim 360, which is among the housing projects in Taksim, was awarded as the best urban renewal project in Europe. The project, which was deemed worthy of this award with its features developed within the scope of the renovation, creates a brand new meeting point. Get ready for an independent project that stands out among other housing projects with its central and historical location, where you can experience Istanbul to the fullest!

Taksim, located in the busiest center of the European Side of Istanbul, is hosting a giant renovation project. With the project, which offers housing and office options, you will move your business life or home to a central point. You will be included in an attractive life in the center of Taksim with housing options in different widths. You have a project where you can always socialize with the shopping stores located in the housing project.

You are in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul!

With the offices you own in Taksim 360, you are located in the center of the financial world. Taksim, which is one of the regions that always come to the fore with its busy business life and social traffic, is 350 meters from Taksim Square with this housing project. You have a central location where you will benefit from all the convenience of business life.

The project, which takes its place among the Istanbul housing projects, is being implemented on an area of 360, 165,000 m², as the largest mixed-use project in Istanbul. Project; It draws attention with its residential, office, shopping center and social life areas. Concept streets are rising in Taksim as the new address of life and yacht with a parking capacity of 1000 vehicles.

Taksim 360 with LEED GOLD Certificate

Taksim 360 is among the housing projects with LEED GOLD certificate. In this context, the project; designs houses in harmony with nature in terms of water efficiency, energy saving and efficient use of resources. Taksim 360, which has gained a solid place among real estate housing projects, offers a life in the center of Istanbul due to its location. Located in the immediate vicinity of areas such as Nişantaşı and Cihangir, the project delivers the key to a social life. A valuable project awaits you where you will be located close to centers such as Levent and Maslak.

Taksim 360 offers a good investment opportunity with its residential and office options. Get ready for a rich life experience where you will own a house at affordable prices. The door to a new life is being opened in Taksim, the center of Istanbul.

Taksim 360 Residence Project Video

Taksim 360 Residence Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
1+1 1-76-138$590,000 - $880,000
2+1 2-136$770,000 - $1,870,000
3+1 1-52-129$1,100,000 - $1,880,000

Taksim 360 Residence Location

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