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NEF Bahçelievler

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NEF Bahçelievler Overview and Details

A different project by SPDO Architects, one of the best architectural offices in the world, is coming in Bahçelievler, one of the favorite districts of Istanbul with its unique culture and life. We dreamed of a house where your children can freely live their childhood in lush gardens even if it is in the city, experience the excitement of the first day while returning home every day and where you will be very happy with your loved ones. At the end of all these dreams, we gave life to Nef Bahçelievler.

Touching nature in the center of the city and feeling the smell of freshly cut grass when you open your door gives everyone happiness. For this reason, we have allocated 40.000 m2 of Nef Bahçelievler, of which 7,529 m2 consists of commercial areas, of 210,782 m2 to landscape areas. Nef Bahçelievler, Culture University, Marmara University, Istanbul Aydin University, Yildiz Technical University and the University of New Century as it's location adjacent to the Turkey's most important universities.

Foldhome  Areas

that cannot fit into a home are added to your home whenever you want, with Nef's patented discovery, Foldhome. With Foldhome's "use-pay" system, which is implemented for the first time in Nef projects in the world, no fee is charged or reflected in the fee for an area that is not used. Foldhome units, which consist of personal usage areas, can be used as a special area of the house, as a new room of the house.


The most important feature that distinguishes Nef Bahçelievler from similar luxury housing projects is undoubtedly its central location. The project, built on the Merter Meydan Shopping Center land, is located right in front of the metro stop. It is also possible to reach the project by road public transportation vehicles such as bus, minibus, minibus and metrobus. Surrounded by popular eating and drinking places, shopping malls, education and health institutions, the project benefits from all the opportunities of the region. Located just 1 kilometer from the E-5 Highway, Nef Bahçelievler offers easy access to the airport, July 15 Martyrs' Bridge and elite districts of the city.

NEF Bahçelievler Project Video

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NEF Bahçelievler Prices

Property Type Bedroom Bath SQM Range Price Range
1,5+1 1 - 68 - 118 Solt Out
2+1 2 - 109-147 Solt Out
2,5+1 2 - 128-153 Solt Out
3+1 3 - 172 Solt Out
3,5+1 3 - 181-218 Solt Out
4,5+1 4 - 239-269 Solt Out

NEF Bahçelievler Unit Plans


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NEF Bahçelievler Location


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