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Fast Facts:
Tenure: 997 year Lease
% 0 - 8
Sheffield/Sheffield City Center


Starting from
$ 75,000

Nebula Overview and Details

Student accommodation is fast becoming a popular option. 69% of landlords prefer to rent to students over other tenants. Over 2 million students live in UK and students will always need somewhere to live whilst they study. At the same time, the number of students coming from abroad is also high.


There is a 19.2% increase in the number of students coming from important places such as China, India, the USA, and the UAE. For the first time, Chinese students preferred to study in the UK more than in the USA. Students that come from another continent now make up around 14% of acceptance by way of UCAS. It is known that around 86000 international undergraduate students were enrolled here in the academic year 2017/18. These numbers are very significant in 94% of international students are likely to rent, with the majority looking to PBSA. In total, the UK is home to a large number of students, 23% of whom are foreign nationals, and every each of them needs a place to stay. For the 2018/19 academic year, we provided 23,000 more beds It reached 627.000 in total and 84% of these are provided by the private sector. However, this was not enough. All across the UK, there is still a reported 2.9 students to every available bed. This means that there is frankly a need for more services. In this situation overflowing of the market is not a problem.

If you'd like to invest in student accommodation, there are some substantial points you should focus on with location, facilities, management, and rental assurance included. Rental assurance periods exist to ensure that your rental income remains secure.

This income is especially common in student programs because it can take time for an improvement to manifest itself in the market. For this reason, rental assurance periods usually take several years. We generally recommend three with a standard stabilization period for commercial investment. Rental assurance is often perceived as a promise to investors that they will earn an income no matter what. In reality, this case when the developer has taken the right steps to make this happen. The money has to come from somewhere, so a good developer will break this down into costs at the start of a project and make it clear in the sales contract.

Nebula Project Video

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Nebula Prices

Property Type Bedroom Bath SQM Range Price Range
En Suite Studio - 13,5 $ 75,000 - $ 80,000
En Suite Studio - 15 $ 80,000 - $ 85,000
En Suite Studio - 17,5 $ 85,000 - $ 90,000
En Suite Studio - 22,6 $ 95,000 - $ 100,000

Nebula Unit Plans


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Nebula Location


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