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Fast Facts:
  • Ready Q4 2020
  • Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
  • Muğla/Bodrum

Mesa Bodrum

Starting from$1,850,000


Life is a chance granted to us. Every moment is special, every moment is beautiful. And memories are all that remains from these moments. They are what we see, what we hear, what we feel and what we say.

Life at Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü is complete. Complete with blue and green; forest and sea; sun and breeze... On a bay special for just for you, spreading its colors, day and night; Demirbükü. Nature at the center of design; a view where dreams are mixed with reality... All is here to bring a greater meaning to life.

Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü is located in a heavenly location, one of the most untouched points in peninsula, with its natural beauties preserved. The project owes its unique atmosphere to its impeccable harmony with nature... Thanks to the untouched nature that embraces all shades of green, it pulls you out of routine city life and introduces you to the calm life you have always dreamed about.

Trees like calabrian pine, olive and carob are spread over a total area of 200,000 m2 to enable you a fresh breath every time you breathe. 2.5 km of running and walking track within the greens allows you to take your daily walk in the heart of nature.

Adding value to life with all its projects, Mesa has stood against ordinariness and enabled you to get excited again by preserving the natural beauties of Demirbükü Bay. It has already managed to become the new excitement of Bodrum.

This unique living space bears the signature of Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Mimarlık, which has won many awards at home and abroad. Addressing each project within its own con- text and developing innovative architectural solutions

that will add value to such context, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar designed a project concept that is only worthy of the most special bay in Bodrum. Respecting the natural conditions humbly and standing in awe of nature lie in the heart of this concept. This architecture that can be defined as in- visible, inaudible and insensible is amongst the most suc- cessful examples of the “non-invasive” philosophy.

Consisting of 48 villas and 196 residences with diverse views extending from the Güllük Bay to the islets across, Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü focuses on comfort in every detail as well as totally unique designs by offering a joyful environment in all seasons with privileged services 24/7, completed by the surrounding forest, mild climate and unique facilities.

Designed in various sizes and features, three different villa types are located according to slope, view and areas with dense vegetation. Promising a spacious living space with the joy of the forest, these villas are suitable for use both in winter and summer. Since sun control is easily enabled with pergolas and sun shades, all villas receive sufficient amount of light throughout the year, and each has a floor heat- ing system that will warm you in cold seasons.

The privilege of enjoying the sea view in your own pool is offered in all 48 villas. Speaking of the view, the glass-based facade design carries the blueness of the breathtaking bay into your villa. Your villa is awaiting to host your unfor- gettable moments with its interior design, high ceilings and innovative architecture that reveal the work of an exclusive taste at first sight.

6 different residence units found in Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü were designed for those that like to live a more compact life without compromising luxury. A total of 210 residences with various square-meter options are the precursors of another life with their individual entrances, large terraces, and interior architecture that combines aesthetics and functionality with a design that gives the feeling of a detached villa and endless green surrounding each one.

Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü offers privileges to facilitate your life from a 24/7 Concierge, to daily Housekeeping services so that you enjoy the beach, sea and green - a unique atmosphere - with your loved ones.

They call Aegean “the most beautiful land under the sky”. Even this statement alone is enough to dream of the beauties in the region. When the unique view, the sweet smell of the sea, delicious food and the sound of the softly blowing wind come to our mind, we remember that we have missed the Aegean with all of our senses. There is also a beloved one in Aegean; Bodrum. The love with which we plan the next meeting before even saying good bye...

Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü was born with the love of Bodrum. It was designed so that it was in harmony with the bay and forest it is situated in. Respect for nature was the first priority; all trees were taken under preservation as a first consideration. As the plan was to make all development appear lost among the trees, Bodrum embraced Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü with all its natural beauty. And the best thing was there was no need to say good bye to Bodrum with Mesa’s full-year concept.

Demirbükü. The Bodrum peninsula has myriad beaches and bays all with equal claim to unrivalled beauty and Demirbükü was selected carefully from among such bays due to its inspiring atmosphere and untouched beauty.

Neighboring the Paradise Bay where nature is at its best, the 15-acre beach offers an aesthetically-pleasing landscape, sun-bathing spaces and a Beach Bar where you can enjoy delicious snacks and cocktails all day long. Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü comes with a private beach only accessible by residents of the project. Bodrum’s most special project.

There is also a pier in the northern part of the coast so that yachts can dock temporarily.

You can touch the sea when you extend your hand from your home... You stop and think. So glad to be here. In Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü, you will add the “Glad I have come from the sea” statement to your “So glad to be here”. Because you will experience the privileged joy of coming to your home by setting sail and getting the wind and sun into your life and soul. If you need a marina, Bodrum’s largest marinas are just a few nautical miles away.

You may also rent the Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü’s yacht whenever you like with its crew that is ready for service 24/7 to visit the surrounding bays and plan expeditions. If you want this privilege to be yours, you can also own this yacht with options unique to Mesa residents.

There are beach facilities in this precious living space, which hosts various organizations and activities.

You can continue to experience the comfort of your home by receiving 5 star service in the area that has been designed distinctively with a sea view and pool. Furthermore, if you are a cigar lover, you can store them in the Humidor in this area; you may get an exotic massage at the SPA; you may sip your refreshment drinks at the terrace bar and exercise in the sports center under the guidance of a Personal Trainer.

When you walk down to the beach, a restaurant serving Mediterranean food will be waiting for you. You can enjoy the moment thanks to the spectacular view on the large terrace of the restaurant.

Mesa Bodrum Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
2+12-194$1,850,000 - $1,990,000
3+13-216-236$1,990,000 - $2,360,000
4+14-260-266$2,700,000 - $2,880,000
Villa5+2715$8,030,000 - $8,370,000
5+152314$2,960,000 - $3,070,000

Mesa Bodrum Location

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