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Fast Facts:
  • Settlement Ready
  • Kocaeli/İzmit

Izmit Ormankoy Land

Starting fromPOA

Izmit Ormankoy Land Project is located in Kocaeli Province, Izmit District, Kaynarca Neighborhood.

119/46, 119/43, 119/70, 119/45, 119/6, 119/18, 119/69, 123/53, 119/64,

119/44, 119/14, 119/72, 119/7, 119/5, 119/15, 119/13, 119/4, 119/3, 119/1, 119/73,

It is registered as parcels no. 122/3, 119/10, 119/17, 119/55, 119/6, 119/9, 119/2, 119/11 and is approximately 11.9 km from the center of Izmit District. is located in the east.

It is 5 minutes from Kocaeli University and 10 minutes from the Center, next to the Northern Marmara Highway.

Our Izmit Project, located between 2 forests and established on a land of 197 decares, is waiting for you with the most profitable investment opportunity and unique natural habitats for your family.

Why Land Investment?

your cash; With bank rates below inflation rates, stock market with unpredictable dividend rates, rising stock market rates, real estate investments that are expected to decline, floating exchange rates, cryptocurrencies that fail to reassure, mutual fund incomes lagging behind inflation rates, bonds affiliated with institutions that declare losses, deposits with an uncertain future, high It should not melt with inflation rates and many such investment instruments. Let it gain value safely and risk-free with land investments, the oldest and most valuable investment tool, whose demand will continue to increase as the world population increases!

The Holistic Life of Nature and Sustainability

It considers being sustainable in ecological, sociological and economic terms as the most important value; We aim to produce, share, spend effort and unite in cultural and social life.

For this purpose; We design the most important factor for human happiness, a quality social life, in the fields of culture, art and sports, in order to provide unique times intertwined with nature. Everything that adds meaning to your new life is right next to you, into life and happiness as a part of a whole...

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