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Fast Facts:
  • Ready Q4 2020
  • Property Tax: 2
  • Vat: 1
  • Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
  • Istanbul/Kağıthane

İstova Kağıthane

Starting fromSold Out

Overview and Details 

Istova, where you will witness the privileged life of Istanbul, is located in the central region and has the advantages of being close to street stores, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and important workplaces.  

It has a professional security team, high-tech security, and multi-storey car park, where you can feel yourself in a more comfortable and safe environment, so you can live a more positive and happy life at home. 

Spending time in such a pleasant and perfect ambiance will increase your life energy and make you happy. It makes it possible to increase the joy of life in your home and even in your living room.

Since the kitchen is at your service with all its facilities, you can look forward to hearing compliments from your guests by adding your skill, love, and positive energy to the dishes you cook. 

If you are complaining about your sleep pattern, it means that you have not met Istova yet. You will wake up energetically in the morning, offering a comfortable and regular sleep with fundamental changes that will give you peace of mind. 

Thanks to the beautiful room Istova has prepared for you, you will feel like you are in heaven. Not only that, it will give you warm smile and add calmness to your life. 

If you are doing your work from home, you will witness how positively your performance is affected in Istova, designed for you in suitable conditions. Just imagine the success in your business where you can make a lot of profits by spending time in a large and spacious room with pleasure. 

Since the bathroom is one of the most striking corners of your home, you will find yourself constantly going to the bathroom. You have such a stylish bathroom that it will make you sing sweet songs and fill you with happiness. 

In Istova, one of the fastest developing regions of Istanbul, you will have made a great investment while hiring your new and multi-process life. Moreover, in this area, you will meet with a world that offers wide social opportunities, comfort, and aesthetics together. 

İstova Kağıthane Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
1+11-73Sold Out
2+12-120 - 153Sold Out
3+13-172 - 187Sold Out
4+14-180 - 230Sold Out
5+14-258 - 284Sold Out

İstova Kağıthane Location

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