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Fast Facts:
Ready Q4 2021
Suitable For Turkish Citizenship

Düşler Vadisi Riva

Starting from
$ 980,000

Düşler Vadisi Riva Overview and Details

A unique project, where you can enjoy your life in the center of Nature. Düşler Vadisi Riva offers a queit and helthy life choice away from city. The Old Village of Rhebas is Now Called Riva Living in a nice little coastal village. Growing old while enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. Touching the green, learning about different plants, reading while listening to the birds' singing, playing with the sheep, running alongside the squirrels... We are talking about the old village of Rhebas, which is called Riva today. With growing interest towards natural living areas, Riva has become the most attractive part of Istanbul thanks to the Riva Creek, Riva Castle, and the unspoiled forest lands that offer fresh air.

The valley also includes arable lands, where you can plant seeds, cultivate plants, and enjoy the delicious taste of your crops that you harvest working hand in hand with nature.This area includes a gastronomy and degustation center, a permaculture club, a greenhouse, an organic cafe, training parterres, farming areas and a poultry house.

A lake where you can enjoy the warm feeling of sand and explore the hidden treasures of life. Right across from your villa. You can jump right into the water, washing away all your stress. This is where your dreams come to life.

Düşler Vadisi Riva Project Video

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Düşler Vadisi Riva Prices

Property Type SQM Range Price Range
2+1 Duplex 89-238 Solt Out
3+1 Duplex 182-339 Solt Out
4+1 Triplex 173-367 $ 980,000 - $ 990,000
4,5+1 Triplex 207-382 Solt Out
4+2 Duplex 323+399 (Private Garden ) $ 1,200,000 - $ 1,220,000
5+1 Triplex 435+555( Private Garden ) $ 1,590,000 - $ 1,600,000
5+2 Triplex 495+550 ( Private Garden ) $ 1,210,000 - $ 1,250,000
Unit Plan

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Düşler Vadisi Riva Location


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