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Fast Facts:
  • Ready Q4/2024
  • %50 in Advance | 18 Months in Installment
  • Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
  • Istanbul/Zeytinburnu

Dia Lity Topkapı

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The world is changing… Money is getting digital, the way we work is changing, fossil fuel is being replaced by electricity, the value of time is increasing, the way of commerce is changing… Here Dia Lity came up with the idea of meeting the needs of visionary professionals who want to keep up with change, and offering them the most ideal work and living space.

It proves that it can add dynamism and pleasure to business life with its architectural concept that inspires the region, its central location integrated with the historical texture of Topkapı, and its prestigious comfort. The highest quality materials met with master hands. An office life awaits you in Dia Lity, where you can feel quality materials and craftsmanship wherever you touch, from common areas to offices, from social facilities to parking lots, from elevators to stairs.

At the center of business life!

Dia Lity places you at the center of business life. Whether it's for office use or home office, everything is at your fingertips in Topkapi, the middle of Istanbul...

Dia Lity, which can be easily reached by private vehicle or many alternative transportation vehicles such as public transportation; It offers the advantage of being close to many important places such as hospitals, schools, business centers and government offices around it.

A brand new vision with its modern and innovative design... You will have a visible and known address in Dia Lity, which makes a difference with its characteristic stance. In the social facility, which also includes a fully equipped gym, you can get rid of the work stress and stay fit and vigorous at all hours of the day, and you can strengthen your physique by reducing the damage to your body by working at a desk. After relaxing with the shower you will take after the sport, you can watch the rhythm of the city by sipping your coffee on the viewing terrace.

The social state of work life…

Dia Lity brings together new generation entrepreneurs, kick-starters, well-established and traditional companies; thus, it also has the feature of being a platform where new business ideas, collaborations and partnerships are established.

You can establish social relations with people who think like you in social areas such as the viewing terrace, sports center, floor gardens and terrace cafes, and prevent your business life from becoming monotonous and unproductive.

We thought carefully about your comfort…

The prominent architectural elements of the project will give you an idea of the thoughtfulness throughout the project. Dia Lity, which includes well-solved square meters, offices that can be converted into home offices, as well as smart home system, floor gardens on each floor, meeting rooms, equipped social facilities, electric vehicle charging stations, parking garage, valet and auto hairdresser services. A comfortable and convenient business life awaits you.

Dia Lity Topkapı Project Video

Dia Lity Topkapı Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
Home OfficeStudio-62-88Sold Out
Home Office (Terrace)Studio-147Sold Out
ShopStudio-362Sold Out

Dia Lity Topkapı Location

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