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Ready 2023/24
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DAP Cesme

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DAP Cesme Overview and Details

Cesme Marina, which is only 2 km away from DAP Cesme; It is right next to you with its coastal splendor and its attractive, elegant texture and all its facilities, with a capacity of 400 boats on the sea and 100 on the land…

Cesme Marina, an elegant and lively yacht marina integrated with Cesme, an old port city with a rich history and culture, offers the privilege of easy transportation.

Providing boat owners with the opportunity to connect their boats and instantly reach the center of the impressive and historical port settlement, Çeşme Marina offers the opportunity to experience the city and nature together in four seasons with its elegant and peaceful restaurants, cafes and bars in the bazaar area.

Bringing together the four seasons with both peace and endless fun, Çeşme offers a life where you will feel renewed in every breath with its unique nature, at its location at the seaside and all facilities.

Dap Çeşme, which comes to life in the heart of the Aegean with a unique architecture; It brings the historical texture, cultural richness and luxury life experience of Monaco into your life throughout the year in the dreamy nature of Çeşme.

Spring waters abound in Çeşme and its surroundings. Building fountains around these constantly flowing springs is one of our old traditions as it is today. Since it was on the maritime trade routes in ancient times, many trade and warships passing through this area have met their water needs for centuries from these fountains. The town of Çeşme got its name from these fountains, which are said to have been around a hundred once. Located in the heart of the Aegean, Çeşme has made this geography unique, where it has brought the land to the sea throughout history. This unique earth, which was called Cyssus in ancient times, got its current name because of the drinking water it gave to the sailors. The sheltered harbor in the heart of İzmir and the close relationship Erythrai established with Egypt, Cyprus and Western Countries made Çeşme the heart of trade. One of the most important factors that brought Çeşme Port to the fore was that it was the closest and most reliable point from Chios to the Anatolian shores.


With many options from 3+1 to 5+1, DAP Cesme, in its villas that see the sea from 3 sides and bring the peace of nature together with a special life for you, with its seafront location, your wide windows open to blue, you experience the green in every step.


Every moment you breathe in Dap Çeşme, 1+1 and 2+1 residences, each of which has been carefully designed, all with sea views invite you to the privileged world of Çeşme life shaped by social opportunities.

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