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Buying a Turkish car

For many previous immigrants, buying a Turkish car is just a viable option. Foreigners with valid residency and licenses should be able to purchase new or used Turkish cars from dealers or in-person relatively easily. Due to the legality and paperwork involved, if you do not have sufficient language skills, a trusted Turkish speaker will assist you. In Turkey, there is the purchasing of most brands and models of cars. Big dealers are often in large cities, so go to these big cities for reasonable car prices. Keep in mind that luxury cars and parts imported to Turkey are expensive and often hard to find. Most foreigners choose to buy Renault, Ford, Fiat, Darcy to keep operating costs minimum.

After finding your car, you need to use your name to register documents legally. If you bought it from a retailer, they would guide you through the whole process. If you buy privately, you need to get legally transfer documents and prove your documents.

You need to check the vehicle to confirm that there should be no outstanding debts. Besides, you need to ensure that all required state insurance and taxes are up to date.

Note: Turkish laws change frequently. This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please use this information as a suggestion only, and look for the correct information at this time.


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