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Why Is Turkey Appealing to Foreigners?

Why Is Turkey Appealing to Foreigners?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:14 AM

Living in Turkey is the dream of many foreigners all around the world, especially in recent years. Turkey is one of the countries which abundant natural sources, promising economy, natural habitat, and diverse culture. The strategic location of the country made it home to many well-developed nations throughout history.

It is true that the country suffered a few economical crises in the past. However, current statistics are quite promising, and it already managed to attract the attention of numerous foreign investors. The Turkish government is also trying to attract the attention of individual investors.

Recent infrastructure investments in major cities already made them quite appealing. If you would like to get more information about Turkey or learn reasons, why should you live in this beautiful country, this guide is for you. Below, you are going to find some of the prominent reasons to include Turkey in your priority list.

Hospitable Locals and Culture

Turks have been known for their hospitable attitude throughout history. Did you know that there is no single homeless person in the country? It is a part of their culture to help others who are not doing well. If you have a chance to visit any of the traditional Turkish villages, you will be invited for lunch and dinner in every home.

Although this culture is not implemented in major countries a lot anymore. Turks are always more hospitable, especially against foreigners. In case they will notice that you are trying to learn more about their language or culture, they will do their best to help you.

Promising Economy that Is Getting Well Every Year

The Turkish economy is improving every single year and the country is one of the few countries that managed to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more Turkish producers and manufacturers began to export goods and services.

This boosted the economy very well and Turkish real estate sales skyrocketed in recent years. Many foreigners are investing in the country and multiply their investments in less than 5 years. Of course, the sudden drop in the Turkish Lira is a great determinant in this decision.

Fortunately, the Turkish Lira started to gain value in the last two years but still, one Euro is about ten Turkish Lira. This is why it is one of the best times to enter the market right now and benefit from numerous advantages by using the currency difference as leverage.

Istanbul, the Culture Capital of Europe

Istanbul is a home for more than 15 million citizens, and this makes it the most crowded city in Europe. It is one of the most profitable cities in terms of trading, but it is also home to many historical monuments. In addition to this, it is the only city that has lands both on European and Asian continents.

Istanbul was the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. It has a diverse community, in which you can literally meet people from every nation. Some of them are residing in the city for business purposes while some of them are permanently moved to this beautiful city.

Antalya, the Most Beautiful City of Mediterranean Region

Antalya is located in the southern part of the country, and it attracts millions of visitors every year for holiday purposes. This city is always sunny for 365 days and you can always enjoy the sea, sand, and sun tourism.

Many foreigners also move to Antalya to retire. There are special neighborhoods where only British, German, or Russian people live. All the real estate owners are foreigners, and they only sell their properties to people coming from their hometowns.

It is a great opportunity for foreigners who would like to have neighbors that have the same citizenship as them.

Izmir, the Pearl of the Aegean Sea and Home for Numerous Nations

Izmir is located in the Western part of Turkey, and it was the home of many famous nations throughout history. It is also the home of many ancient Greece philosophers. It takes only one hour to visit Istanbul or Antalya by plane too.

You can also find numerous foreigners who prefer to live in Izmir. Moreover, you can easily visit Greek islands, some of them only take half an hour by sea transportation.

Moreover, you can also enjoy some of the finest examples of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine in many famous touristic districts of the city.

It Is Easy to Get Turkish Citizenship

You do not have to live for years to apply for Turkish citizenship. In case you will buy real estate worth $250,000, you will be able to apply for it. When you have a Turkish passport, you can visit more than seventy countries without the need for getting a visa.

Constantly increasing real estate and rental prices also make this a great opportunity for many foreigners. However, it will be worth noting that you need to keep your real estate for at least three years.

Spectacular Natural Beauties All Around the Country

Turkey has 81 cities, and you can visit any of them at most one and a half hours by plane. Each country has a unique texture and home for numerous natural beauties. Turkey is one of the countries where you can enjoy the four seasons.

You can swim on a hot day in Antalya in the morning and go skiing in the evening in any city that is located in the Eastern part of the country. Turkish lands were capitals for many famous nations such as Hittites (Corum), Lydians (Manisa), Urartians (Van), Phrygians (Ankara), Pontus Kingdom (Amasya, Sinop, and Trabzon), Byzantines (Istanbul), Seljuks (Konya) and Ottoman Empire (Bursa, Edirne, and Istanbul).

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities in Turkey and move to this beautiful country by benefiting from the advantages, we are here to assist you. We can provide you the consultancy for your moving process as well as finding a new real estate you can invest in.

You can contact us at any time to get detailed information about the country or opportunities legally offered by the Turkish government for foreigners.


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